Strategic Business Institute (SBI), is happy to participate in supplying assistance to our veterans.  Whether you are a retired military, disabled veteran or care giver of a veteran, we are happy and proud to try to be of assistance to you.  Because the Veterans Administration (like any other governmental organization) is so large and usually overburdened, we will try to specifically target areas of interest which we continuously get inquiries about.  Our volunteers stand ready to assist you in every way we can or will research and help you find the answers to your questions before or after you plan on meeting with the Veterans Administration (VA).

Over the past fifteen (15) years we have helped and participated in securing assistance to veterans with transportation to the Hyperbaric Center in Delray Beach, FL.  We have found them Electric Hospital Beds, Wheelchairs, Crutches, Hoverounds and other durable medical equipment for those in need.  We also donated some of the radio equipment needed for the Military Talk Radio Station in West Palm Beach.

So if you can’t get veterans assistance anywhere else, or are unhappy with the results or services you received, please give our volunteers a try.  Weather it is for VA Benefits and Services, Durable Medical Equipment, Aid and Assistance Benefits, Legal Help or Employment, call on us to see how we can be of assistance.

“Thanks for your Service”

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