Mission Statement
  • The mission of the Strategic Business Institute (SBI) is to create and disseminate knowledge, to facilitate student learning, and to promote ethical business practices.
  • Promoting excellence in education through our executive  learning business programs,  preparing students, seniors and veterans  for success in the global economy.
  • Providing access to financing resources  – the intrinsic foundation for commerce building.
  • Supporting scholarly research and professional studies in unique areas.
  • Setting our students’ foundations for life-long learning through high quality  learning experiences from exposure to quality teaching, technology,  and interactions with faculty and business professionals.
  • Encouraging critical thinking, quantitative reasoning, effective communication, ethical decision-making and social responsibility.
  • Furthering the scope and dissemination of scholarly research that enhances and advances learning.
  • Contributing to the economic development of our students and business community through our outreach programs.
  • Building a community of students, faculty, staff, alumni, and business professionals through academic centers, non-degree programs, certification programs, continuing education programs and public events.
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