Thank you very much Wycombe Webworks for this video reminding us all that it is YOUR  JOB to FIT YOUR   WEBSITE to your  customer.

You  had better know him/ her inside and out. You had better make  your service offerings  clear – WHAT  you do – HOW  you do-  it and  HOW MUCH IT COSTS  -easy peasy . Remember – you don’t go to Walmart to buy a 5 carat diamond or Bulgari to buy   a toilet seat….

Step Lively…Remember- the accelerated pace of  Web –time/ clicks are literally  money and  MILLIONS of other sites are competing  for your customer …

If you don’t have viewer traffic converted to sales it is quite likely  your web presence does not “GRAB ” the viewer in the first 5 ( count ’em 5 ) seconds- yes- the window is SMALL.Yes- you need to GRAB….

Very likely you need a new web presence – with video – with a ton of new tech advances  you do not even know about; Updating iss what we did  at SBI , with the  invaluble  help of David Frith  of Wycombe Webworks; after 13 plus years of  serving the  business and adult educational communuity it is more than time for us to update our look -you will see LOTS of changes and events in the coming weeks-


Best Regards,

Maxine Pierson

Executive Director

PH: 561-292-3824

FAX: 866-380-6568

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