SOURCE  Successfully Reaches Indiegogo Goal
Sets $100,000 Stretch Goal to Launch the Tinder of Bar and Restaurant Recommendations
In a mobile world, you find your perfect date on Tinder and your perfect bar or restaurant for that date – on SOURCE!
Source is the new mobile platform that does for bars and restaurants what Pandora does for music and Tinder does for dates. By cleverly matching people together based on who they are and what they love, Source is able to accurately recommend the perfect venue for any occasion whether you’re in your hometown or away on vacation.
Source is currently on Indiegogo, and has already reached its $25,000 first funding goal. Now we’re looking for people interested in being early adopters to make this personalized recommendation platform the go-to mobile platform for bar/restaurant reviews and suggestions.
Source is a mobile app platform that helps people discover the best of everything in their world, providing a personalized recommendations search platform which cleverly matches people together based on who they are and what they love. The first launch for the Source platform will focus on connecting sports fans of the same team and let them know where they can find their fellow fans to watch the game, no matter where in the world they find themselves.
Source takes all of the guesswork out of finding fantastic bars, restaurants, and other venues where you feel perfectly at home – like discovering where your sports team’s fans go to watch the game, and much more. By learning your personal preferences, Source can suggest the perfect bar or restaurant in any town, for any occasion, instantly, and whenever you need it.
What Pandora does for musical tastes, Source does for bars, nightlife and so much more.
Source’s end goal is to create an instant way for people who share the same tastes to
connect. By virtually aligning similar tastes, Source allows users to discover each other’s
personal recommendations for places they may never have known about but are perfect for precisely what they want in the moment!
Source is a very simple to use, elegantly designed platform, which works as follows:
● Rate a venue between 1-5 stars
● Connect to all who rate the same as you (then the magic happens):
● From there, you instantly discover their other 5 star venues!
● Source learns what you like and who you are to provide the perfect suggestions for any
● Source Sports Lens lets you view the world through the eyes of your favorite sports team’s fans, and recommends the perfect place for you to watch the game.
● Source picks out the recommendations only from people with similar tastes to yours.
● Source eliminates the hassle of sorting through Yelp! ratings, Google reviews and FourSquare comments.
● Business owners can attract their perfect customers by connecting likeminded
people to existing customers and provide incentives to visit their venue, brand or experience.
The Source team plans to expand the platform to allow people with all-around similar interests a way to connect and give recommendations based on what users are looking to find. This will include bars, restaurants, pubs, nightlife, hotels and much more. Source will take the anxiety out of exploring new cities by learning what users like, recommending places that fit that criteria, and remembering these places for future visits.
Source is a marketing company based in London and recently relocated to Miami, FL. Led by entrepreneur Simon Thomson, the company has spent the past three years developing and perfecting the technology for the Source platform. The mission behind Source is to make finding people of similar interests easier and eventually to deliver personalized recommendations to billions. Source believes that with the creation of this platform, the world can become a more manageable place and connections can be made between strangers
that would have never been made before. Find. Discover. Know. Rate. Remember. Source your
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