Script Relief LLC and Strategic Business Institute Collaborate

Script Relief LLC and Strategic Business
Institute Collaborate in Pharmacy
Benefit Card Mailing

The Strategic Business Institute (SBI), a 501c (3) Nonprofit Business College located in Boca Raton,
FL is very pleased to announce their initial Partnership project with Script Relief LLC ,of New
York, NY.

Script Relief is a venture under privately held Loeb Enterprises LLC, led by CEO Michael Loeb,
the Priceline co- Founder, and are providing the first Strategic Business Institute sponsored Free
Pharmacy Benefit cards in a Beta test mailing of 5,000 self-identified South Florida diabetic
prescription purchasers, advised the Executive Director of the Strategic Business Institute, Maxine

Ms. Pierson was very pleased to announce today that the first of the Script Relief LLC / Strategic
Business Institute mailings commenced this week.

Additional prescription benefit programs are being planned by SBI and Script Relief LLC for

in need populations heavy prescription use patients, such as diabetic, heart and cancer patients to
help reduce their cost for prescription drugs.

Strategic Business Institute has offered CEU; Continuing Medical and Professional education
curriculum services to the South Florida professional community for the past 13 years.

“This free prescription program is designed to especially help Seniors, the Native American
community and the veterans, with whom we work.” said Maxine Pierson. “It is our goal to help
these patients reduce their prescription drug costs by offering them this free prescription benefit
card that can be used at thousands of pharmacies across the USA.”



Maxine Pierson

Executive Director




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