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Especially to our Florida Readers -Florida – such an economic Cannabis whirlwind – Florida  is such a JUGGERNAUT market and heavily contested politically …SO much money involved …

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Many  thanks to our friends at the Marijuana Businesss Daily for kindly providing  the survey. 

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Maxine Pierson

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We’re writing today to request your help with our
4th Annual Marijuana Consumer Survey. Please
ask your customers and friends who are cannabis
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It’s anonymous and quick – takes just about 5 minutes.
You’ll get a look at some of the results – including
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Conducted annually since 2012, our consumer survey is
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We believe the industry requires market research
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dispensaries to edibles makers to growers better
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However, the data isn’t useful for your needs unless
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Our readers are businesspeople and major investors
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Please let “regular people,” your customers and
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