FOCUS: Foundation Of Cannabis Unified Standards

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No matter where you stand on the marijuana debate, as with any consumed product there MUST be standards. We MUST know what we are consuming- eating- smoking-etc.,  and being administered to  us in the case of medical, marijuana and the low THC- Charlottes’ Web.

The EXPLODING Billion dollar  Cannabis  industry has no  guidelines  for quality- no industry wide “ Golden Mean” for any aspect of this sector..

Therefore,  the FOCUS mission to create standards for the Industry is exciting, indeed.

Every industry needs certification through an independent, governing body of experts. The cannabis industry is no different.

FOCUS is the first organization dedicated solely to the establishment and governance of best practices in Cannabis Industry Quality Control Standards.

As required by ANSI Essential Requirements, FOCUS Standards were created  by consensus via our Standards Creation Committee, which is comprised of professionals from the fields of Quality Management, Regulatory, and the Public Sector.  Including Quality Management professionals with extensive experience in the implementation and creation of Internationally Accredited Third Party Quality Standards allows us to utilize their experience to bridge the gap between proven quality management techniques in established markets with the rapidly developing needs of the cannabis industry. 

The Standards Creation Committee is counterbalanced and supported by Cannabis Industry Subcommittees, which bring industry leaders into the standards development process to ensure the standards are applicable and appropriate to the cannabis industry.  The subcommittee members were selected based on  their expertise in each of the seven codicils of the FOCUS standard.

FOCUS: Comprised of industry veterans- degreed scientists- healthcare  professionals- engineers and laboratories  the group is creating the much needed Good Housekeeping Standard” for the entire marijuana industry .

Much much more  to come on the nationwide Cannabis debate , as well the status of Cannabis legislation in  the State of Florida.

Please see the FOCUS  link  below if you have a Cannabis interest – business or personal or medical;  you will be very  impressed with the superb work of this qualified  group.

Here is more data about the FOCUS effort . 




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